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17oz Kids Water Bottle

17oz Kids Water Bottle

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  • The push-button design allows for effortless one-handed drinking, making it convenient for kids to use throughout the day.
  • Crafted from robust, BPA-free Tritan plastic,  It is resistant to impacts, stains, and odors, ensuring its durability.
  • The top-tier leak-proof design guarantees that items will stay secure even during vigorous activities, keeping the backpack dry and organized.
  • Utilizing exquisite spray painting technology, we bring various animated characters to life, making the process of replenishing water enjoyable for children.
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Made from Safe and Non-Toxic Materials for Added Assurance

We have chosen safe and non-toxic materials for the construction of this water bottle, allowing you to use it with added confidence. Especially when selecting utensils for children, health and safety are always the top considerations.

Dual Lock Design, Easy Button, and Leak-Proof

Features a dual lock design, making it easy to open and close while also ensuring it is leak-proof. This provides convenience and peace of mind during use.

Capacity Upgrade to Meet the Hydration Needs of Bigger Kids

With an increased capacity, this water bottle is designed to meet the hydration needs of older children. It ensures they can stay adequately hydrated during activities, promoting health and vitality.

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